Wednesday, 30 July 2008

A place in my heart

Living conditions in India are bad enough generally and there is no difference here, what I am seeing and feeling is the way these people live their everyday lives but this is their truth… their reality and what a reality it is! I’ve not been well past couple of days locked away in my room and it just feels as though I am unable to fight the bugs and weaknesses caused by the hot weather, I have never experienced such ill health as I have these past three weeks. I feel as though god tests are relentless and are forthcoming on a regular basis, its feels easier to say GOD I’ve had enough and your making it harder for me… so GOOD BYE!
Can I?
No… I cannot leave these children without enriching their lives in a little tiny way. But its so difficult and sometimes it does feel as though your not the right person for this especially when the mind kicks in.

That said remember the little girl I mentioned last week, Pooja… well I spoke with her on Monday about what she felt when her friend was being taking by her mother. Her response as felt that was:

“If I had a mummy and pappa they too would take me home and bring me back, but I don’t and I know this”

BANG… the following conversation took place:

Me “well I cannot be either your mummy or pappa, but at any time you feel as though you want a hug or kiss say Deedee (sister) and I will automatically know what you want”
Pooja “but there was another Deedee from abroad who loved me but left me”
Me “ well how about if we both have a place in each others heart, so no matter where we are no one can ever take that from us”
Pooja “are you sure, so are you in my heart?
Me “Yes”
Pooja “Am I in yours?”
Me “Yes”

The smile and the hug I received after that was amazing… her eyes… and the feeling yes I too am loved was truly touching!


They also has a olden folks day where all the ladies from surrounding villages came to show the children how they used to amuse themselves and the daily chores, it was fun trying to make some cotton, to see how fresh yoghurt was made and the dancing was a laugh…

My kids had so so much fun, dancing with everyone else and feeling part of something! I wouldn’t dance as I was taking photos but then could not refuse Shabi who looked at me as though it was the last request of his life… dancing in the heat what an experience not to be forgotten .

Students part of the audience

Students dancing on stage... many more dance scenes to come

I met with the director of academics at miri piri academy last week and its great they are enthusiastic to work with our kids later this year so that will be an exciting time for all. I have not been in school and hoping to go tomorrow and organise our next day out on friday, we will go to the supermarket and take 2 of the crowd gathering.

Til then … God bless us all…


Hari said...

Hi Sugar,

Great to see you going such valuable sewa. May Waheguru bless you with limitless strength and love. Have a wonderful trip.

Love, Hari Singh,
PS: Send us a report for the website.

Gurpreet Kaur said...

Aww Bless how sweet !!
Your doing a brill job !! Keep it up !! :D

God Bless !


Tosh said...

Hi Sugar,
great to see the love in the eyes and smiles of the children,some times it takes a catalyst to bring out what`s always there in us.God has blessed you with this gift which is you just being you from the heart.Its also good that you have realised no matter what upstairs have in store for you on your roller coaster adventure,that you are there for the children to show them no one can take away there hope only they can give it away and knowing you they will learn that as well.

Loving Brother

Ps don`t nick the kids sweats and take there smiles off there faces.Lol

Amit said...
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Amit said...

Manni ...

Where are you ?

I'm hoping to see your next blog entry soon ... we all miss reading about your voyage to Amritsar.

Manni Kaur Dulai said...

sorry its taken a while...

I'm sitting in a STD putting up my blogs.. not well at the moment so resting at home! hence the pace of the blog.

Hoping to get more images and posts up soon..