Monday, 25 May 2009

To us shopping is no longer a luxury, we have money and we can purchase what we want when we want! Our lives are no longer dependent on working for our cash with credit cards and other credit facilities.

We purchase without a moments hesitation. From the days of having a platinum card and dining with friends every other day the swiping of cards became 2nd nature without realising the true meaning of money and shopping. Since I been back from India its about what I need rather than want, personally I feel we no longer appreciate what we have, gone are the days when families sat together and played board games as they had no TV’s so spending time with one another, talking about each others lives spread a lot more happiness and love. I guess when you go to the remote villages they still have the homely ambience, the family feel and most important the principles, morals and values of loyalty, honesty, trust, togetherness and most importantly LOVE! Here in this country and in the more developed areas of India brothers have become enemies, family are torn, parents abandoned and people just want more and more. Why? When the whole essence of life is share with another who is less fortunate even if its without your own home. Its crazy seeing values brushed under the carpet and the drive & passion is all about money, status and materialistic items.

If you want to know the real meaning of shopping take our children. The spark in their eyes just choosing an outfit, or a hair band or any other little things is out of this world. Taking Ram and Jyoti was such a blast as they knew what they wanted…

I pray to God those who have much may your share to really reap the rewards of your wealth as you don’t take it with YOU!

Thursday, 21 May 2009

30th in India

Looking back at the photos I remember celebrating my 30th with the kids, it was so much fun! In fact I was so blessed that my mum was there too, apart from my friends back home all those who loved me dearly were there, my children, Biji and my family from home! My Nanny Ma is so cool, she too came to join in the fun, the kids decorated the hall, balloons and ribbons everywhere and dance we did!

Sharing such moments are pictures for life, instilled in your heart which no one can ever take away. Having memories such as these, children running to you to see you, to be missed when your not there is so warming to the heart! For those wanting meaning in their lives and a break from the vicious cycle of what we call LIFE, SIMPLE! touch someone’s heart. If it’s building a bridge with a sibling the so be it, smiling to a cashier at the supermarket or telling your mum and dad you love them without reason!
Anything that you do for someone else selflessly can really touch another’s heart and TRUST ME when I say no one can ever take away the amazing feel and the residue left for many years!

After celebrating my birthday my cousins from Canada fancied Dominos pizza so off we went, it was such a laugh! There were some games which we all played… trying to beat your cousins on a bike with a suit on was a mission but it was great fun!

One thing I’ve realized is … you can live your life to maximum, have good things and work hard along with being content and doing what you loved most!

Friday, 15 May 2009

Balwinder & Pooja

When I first met Pooja she heard a lot about me from other people and asked whether she could hug me… that’s it from there! There was no going back, she poured her heart out and began to tell me her heart wrenching story, originally from Haryana her husband Balwinder was given acid which as a result blocked his wind pipe and since not been able to eat or drink via his mouth. He has a tube fitted into his stomach and hasn’t had any solid food for the past 6 years, to say they’ve been to hell and back in a under statement. When they left Haryana they came to Darbar Sahib for solace and prayer, and someone mentioned Pingalwara – there they met with Biji who sent them to hospital after hearing his story and examining him she sent him to hospital immediately. He was admitted in hospital for 6 months and after all the tests and check ups, received a 16 hour operation after three days this proved to be unsuccessful. His food pipe and tube for breathing had amalgamated together making it impossible to operate which could result in death.
So when Pooja told us the great news of her pregnancy last year you’d think they’d be overjoyed that a life would bring light and happiness into their dark lives…

But to my horror she had been advised to abort the baby as she would not be able to support or look after as she has a sick husband. When a person is at such a cross road God introduces and cements relationships which we don’t know about at the time. With the right guidance and advice, she kept the baby and it was a beautiful moment to be part of! To know your part of a decision that could have been so detrimental and painful!
To see the baby born into this world… was truly heart warming; this is what I call life! To help another in their time of need! Like dad always said:

“Be the 1st to give your hand when someone needs help”

When I arrived at the hospital there were many women but Pooja’s journey has been that of pain and a lot of heartache and seeing the twinkle in both their eyes was a memory to be cherished for life!

Sunday, 10 May 2009

Who is Paul Parji?

Well… let me tell you, he is the most gentle, warming and compassionate man you can ever come across. He gave me strength when I was weak, picked me up when I was down and yet says I was the one who gave him reason to live. When they say you attract only what you put out, Parji (brother) is most definitely a person I would want to attract lifetime after lifetime, he has served with Bhagat Ji for many years and is still a loyal worker at Pingalwara. He is has many roles but for me he was god sent for our children, he did all the painting and art work without any hesitation, the kids also love him and they run to him shouting PAUL PARJI, PAUL PARJI!

People were shocked to why he did all the work as when they wanted to get things done from him it was impossible…well my first encounter with him was at Baba Ji’s barsi in August 2008, I was being interviewed by an journalist and when mentioning my upbringing and dads love & guidance Parji was melted. With tears in his eyes he didn’t need to say anything else, I knew our relationship was to be for life and my place is in his heart had been cemented.

Time and time again I see pain in his eyes and he has many stories and heart wrenching situations to tell but he loves the children and keeps himself to himself. Many a time I told him to get a phone as I wanted to talk and touch base his response:

“Does God have a mobile phone?”

That melted me, and when I was in the UK he dreamt about me telling him off for not finishing the painting…so I guess we can still communicate without phones, computers and modern technologies – we at times forget there is a high consciousnesses above all else, which delivers messages from many different planes.