Wednesday, 1 April 2009

Haveli Jalandhar

Taking the children to Haveli was amazing, we had such a blast! They loved every second of it; the staff were incredible they remembered me from the year before! They were both helpful and understanding, so much so they made additional provisions for us, they put on a couple of shows (puppet & monkey) for us which was out of hours for them.
I would like to think by bringing our children out in the open people are more receptive and welcoming, although it’s a long shot not being stared at or given dirty looks. But I think we are well on the way to showing society at large that our children do exist and we are no longer ashamed or hiding them away, if you have a problem TOUGH!

Being from the UK we have more back bone and confidence to get our own way, with determination and effort we don’t accept defeat so easily and I think this is one of the attributes that has lead to both intimidation and intrigue. People want to know who I am and where I’m from and then ultimately who my children are and where they are from…

That is society - my children…Well they just loved to be out! Have a nice meal and then to top it off have an ice cream at Ansel Mall! To my amazement there was an incident with the teacher where a shopper yelled ‘URGH’ they smell (to my children) without being confrontational I approached this particular woman very well groomed and educated, politely asked her if she had anything to say about my children… DUMBSTRUCK that I approached her she was silenced! She will I’m sure think twice before she utters such words about anyone’s child.

It is such a shame how some educated people frown and look down upon those who are less fortunate than themselves…They forget the one thing that I was taught:


No matter if you’re a High profile business person or a maid.

I’ve also known those with little are the most happiest so the question arises:

Who really has the pot of gold?