Sunday, 28 December 2008

1st Impressions...

We did some assessments and training in both the soft play and sensory rooms, WOW! What impressions – I think the photos will say more then I can ever express words. Words are meaningless.

This is Jeevanjot - a completely blind child reacting to light truly mind blowing!

Shanti a little angel with learning difficulties, growth problem and speech impediment loving to play freely!

The power of colour and light with a child with Cerebral Palsy

1st Impressions of their new soft play room and man do they love it.... and so do we...

Party and Inauguration...what fun!

What a crazy time it’s been we had a party on the 21st Feb and then again on the 22nd it was fantastic! We eat loads of cake, danced and took 100’s of photos – the children loved it and the most amazing part was the special needs kids dancing with the normal ones and this was such an achievement as the so called ‘normal; tend to exclude that part of their family when is no need whatsoever!

But that is down to the adults and their ignorance, if I do come back that is one of the things I wish to dispel the lack of communication between ALL the children. Have to admit the special ones were more up for it than the norm’s lolz! They were dancing and adventurous which is so much more fun and we loved it.

I was also told ten minutes before the health minister was coming to do a speech if was told earlier would have prepared something but it was so cool, my first speech in Punjabi and it was no longer Tutii fruit (tutii futti)!!! Needed to keep thanking God for his blessings and to keep me grounded not to mention humbled. The health minister of Punjab Laxmi Chawla came to inaugurate the rooms and creative spot were the ones who deserved all the credit for all the hard work. They donated their time and skills and the results were amazing! Can’t thank them enough for what they did god bless all their team Sumeet, Rupinder and the lovely artist!

What words can express their love and time for their work... the whole of the education and play room was their concept and my kids loved it!

I would like to thank you from the bottom of my heart and for touching my soul not to mention that you confirmed the FACT that God does REALLY control Everything!

Wednesday, 24 December 2008


As mentioned many a time my father is my biggest inspiration, both strength and weakness. The way he leads his life, his mere presence is a blessing, people often comment that there is something about dad which is beyond words. This I have seen, where people are overwhelmed by his vibration and energy – well dad is just my dad.

Thinking about my parents at the time of recognition...So when I’ve been credit, compliments and recognition it goes to dad and God, it is with their GRACE that I’m here !

A girl from Pingalwara studying architecture started to re-vamp the greenery outside the hostel, we started talking and suddenly she said:

“Well, if you can bring a world to the ward, the ocean, planets, starts, forest so why can I not change this? You are the inspiration?”

Wow.. I was dumbfounded

God wiling this radiate to everyone so the children just keep gaining and gaining, one of the reasons for this blog was to give strength to those who want to serve but cannot for whatever reason, always follow your heart and if it’s the right direction God will guarantee the blessing to make it happen.

Thanks Dad love you always!

That said after living here for 6 months I truly admire and respect Biji, regardless of the opposition and negativity, she supported me throughout my stay. She has a lot to manage within the organisation and extremely busy but she always has time for the kids. The money spent on the projects was also authorised by Biji when others said NO. I cannot express my gratitude towards her. She trusted and with Gods grace pleased with the results, guess a lot of people did not know what we were trying to achieve and were understandably apprehensive and felt it was an alienated concept but in the end it was crystal clear. It was always for the kids and for them I would do anything…ANYTHING!

Biji asked me to come back within the month to start on the other projects and she too knows what a difference it will make on the kids lives! The improvement within the special needs school, well it would be my utter pleasure I love the kids and can see myself settling here but the rest is in Gods hands, whatever he may have in store only he knows the bigger picture and controls everything in it!

One things for sure I will always have a lot of LOVE for biji and she advised me many about different things but one piece of advice I will share was:

“Not all members of the family are the same, just as your fingers on your hands”

HOW TRUE – it helps you when you try to deal with different people and situations!

Friday, 19 December 2008

Come back in a couple of months…

In fact we’ve been training the staff to have sustainability when I leave and Biji came to view the rooms a few days back. She actually wants me back in a couple of months time, she said the special needs kids will be neglected and no one will know how to work and have the maximum impact - so what’s the use of spending so much money?

That said - it was the perfect time to mention the idea of the hydro therapy pool, I was completely in tears when she said yes! “Do it as the next project” she said, have to admit if it wasn’t for Biji’s support, all this would not have been possible. She has been the blessing and backbone of ALL the work. Not to mention Bawa Uncle Ji one of the administrators he has also been imperative in terms of providing for all that was needed…. LOVE EM! These three uncles jis gave me so much love.. so much Tilakraj Uncle, Rajveer Uncle and Bawa Uncle! Thank you!
God knows what he has in store for me but I wasn’t expecting this to come like this. Paul Parji (the amazing artist) even said “the kids needs you – you must come back” It was so emotional and Biji gave me the biggest hug and blessing. I truly love her, she’s just great and to give me permission for something unheard of in Punjab was…well what words can express?

That now really throws my idea out of the window opening my own thing to what I wanted and my way. Guess upstairs have something else mind, won’t dare mention this to mum til I get back even my brothers apart from the eldest (Tosh Parji) he’s just my rock in every way e already knows he he he They would provide me with a house, a salary and the responsibility to run the special needs school.

Before any decision can be made I need to see Baba Ji and seek guidance (as per any major moves in my life) It feels that this is my calling the kids, the poor and needy,I can surround myself in their love for the rest of my life. My life is longer about the 5 people in the UK, its about the larger family I have adopted, the larger family who God has blessed me with.

Completed Projects!

We also completed the softplay and sensory rooms – they look amazing! This will make such a difference to the kids lives and a step in the right direction where communication is concerned. Stimulation of the senses is vital when teaching children with special needs and this will aide the staff in language. We also made sense boxes touch, smell and gear it included crazy items which I bought from the Indian market had a blast getting it together but on a more serious note it was to show staff how simple it was to have an impact on different senses if they really wanted to.

Well … do you remember the dull children’s ward the empty walls and no life! Now that was then and this is now… what a transformation, we had themed rooms and I will let the photos do all the talking!
The rooms were all the same and all the wards in the complex look identical!

The bedrooms:

The Playroom:

Corridors and Outside Area:

Food Area:

I think you get the GIST!
Princess Room
This was the girls room, we wanted to give them their own space and make it look really girly. The morning after the first night I asked Jyoti how it was and she replied:
“I was in the sea playing with the fishes, I love my new room”
Wow…. That’s when it confirmed we are onto a winner, this room took over a month and trust me when I say it was a mission! People here did not know what we wanted to achieve and the impact colour will have on the children so many obstacles where thrown my way! But it was just my test in faith and not to mention God!
So when the room was completed I needed permission for the whole ward... its so funny how I remember it so vividly. Biji saying “well its taken you over a month so just do another room as you don’t have enough time” I was like Biji no… trust me just sign the document and support me and this will be completed by the time I leave! Looking at the sky… Don’t let me down I said as walking out of Biji’s house with the piece of paper.

Space Room
This was the Boys Room it was so cool literally.... just need to put some glow in the dark star

Ocean Room
This was a nice healing colour and we wanted to give a sea like experience hmmmm

Fruits and Veg
This was such a cool area where the kids eat and then can look and the different types of food

The Forest
Not only was this a theme but it brought so much life into the ward - soon as you walked through the door!

Life In India...

I’m sitting in crystal restaurant (my new hang joint) sneezing away, I would not have had a chance to write about the last couple of weeks - so it’s thanks to my mate Preeti who had to go home I’m able to write a update.

Preeti is a friend from Africa and we’ve been chilling out nearly everyday – she stopped the night too which was real cool and the kids were teaching her the alphabet in sign language it was so sweet to watch. She has come for her Mama’s (mums Brother) sons wedding which I too have been invited on the 26th speaking of weddings also went to Navneet’s Massi (mums sisters) daughters wedding, Indian weddings are mad – they start late and end even later and Indians will always be Indians so so funny! You know they don’t let the girls dance here, wow if someone told me I could not dance at my brothers wedding me, my sister in law and mates would tell them where to go lol! We danced for 5 days solid it was crazy! Wow… thinking about the wedding, family and friends seems such a distant memory. Yea I know I’ll be with them in exactly 15 days but I have found the true meaning of life - TO SERVE OTHERS!

To become one with the person who gives you breath – that’s the true essence of the soul!


When I heard the saying many a time that God could not be everywhere so he gave us mothers I guess I really never appreciated the dept of such words and the powerful attributes God has blessed a mother with!

An incident took place where a child was sent to another ward, I knew another truth and was heartbroken, I went to see him and was so emotional in fact beside myself but gathered strength when sitting with him. After a little conversation it was time to leave he grabbed my hand screaming Didi (sister) don’t go, please I beg you, I want to go with you – I had to let go of his tight hand grip! Imagine a child who cannot walk crawls and cries behind you – and you totally helpless and cannot do anything.

That’s when you realise what a mother endures, as a mother I could do nothing for my son, then needed to go to Darbar Sahib and sit in the presence of God and let go of all my emotions and beg for strength and love. WOW...i cried for 4 hours non-stop it was far too emotional and definitely heart wrenching, we both got a temperature too, a true soul connection .Guess I now know how much our mum suffered and sacrificed, love her so much more – I remember when I was a few years younger she always used to say:

“You’ll find out when you’re a mother”
Guess I found out much more earlier than anticipated - the true meaning of a mothers strength and acceptance of Gods will – At time it’s the most difficult and daunting of tasks. We can never repay our mothers or parents for all they do for us, in my eyes our parents are the epitome of God himself as Baba Ji have always taught us:

“Our Mother is our first Guru”

Wednesday, 10 December 2008

Fishes in the water!

Things have truly been amazing at times I don’t have words to describe the feelings I get when I’m around the kids. To think in around 10-15 days time I will no longer be with them.

After their baths in Chandigarh Jyoti and Chetan started arguing about who’s mummy I was, the understanding of my departure and leaving also started with the kids last month and the following example is emphasised everyday, so they know that we are truly connected with the hearts not just physical form.

The water surrounding the Darbar sahib has many fishes, so when the fight broke out I asked them how big it was?
They were like Vadoo very big and huge (expression with the little tiny hands) and the how many fishes in the water – again lots n lots…. So mama’s heart is the water and you are all the little fishes so there is room for everyone.

This is also repeated like a mantra to the little ones so when was asked Jyoti where’s mama? She pointed to her heart chakra and then told me where she was… in my heart chakra. Bless her the last time we to Darbar Sahib she named most of the fishes with the different children’s names. It worked – but she obviously and herself the biggest fish… lolz.

The same example was used with Simran and she took it quite literally she just pointed at me, my physical body – bless kids they are so innocent and truthful.