Friday, 19 December 2008

Completed Projects!

We also completed the softplay and sensory rooms – they look amazing! This will make such a difference to the kids lives and a step in the right direction where communication is concerned. Stimulation of the senses is vital when teaching children with special needs and this will aide the staff in language. We also made sense boxes touch, smell and gear it included crazy items which I bought from the Indian market had a blast getting it together but on a more serious note it was to show staff how simple it was to have an impact on different senses if they really wanted to.

Well … do you remember the dull children’s ward the empty walls and no life! Now that was then and this is now… what a transformation, we had themed rooms and I will let the photos do all the talking!
The rooms were all the same and all the wards in the complex look identical!

The bedrooms:

The Playroom:

Corridors and Outside Area:

Food Area:

I think you get the GIST!
Princess Room
This was the girls room, we wanted to give them their own space and make it look really girly. The morning after the first night I asked Jyoti how it was and she replied:
“I was in the sea playing with the fishes, I love my new room”
Wow…. That’s when it confirmed we are onto a winner, this room took over a month and trust me when I say it was a mission! People here did not know what we wanted to achieve and the impact colour will have on the children so many obstacles where thrown my way! But it was just my test in faith and not to mention God!
So when the room was completed I needed permission for the whole ward... its so funny how I remember it so vividly. Biji saying “well its taken you over a month so just do another room as you don’t have enough time” I was like Biji no… trust me just sign the document and support me and this will be completed by the time I leave! Looking at the sky… Don’t let me down I said as walking out of Biji’s house with the piece of paper.

Space Room
This was the Boys Room it was so cool literally.... just need to put some glow in the dark star

Ocean Room
This was a nice healing colour and we wanted to give a sea like experience hmmmm

Fruits and Veg
This was such a cool area where the kids eat and then can look and the different types of food

The Forest
Not only was this a theme but it brought so much life into the ward - soon as you walked through the door!


Parvati said...

Beautiful!!!!!!!!! Absolutley breathtaking! I remember how austere the surroundings were when I visited in May. Color and pictures and beauty make such a difference.
I can't wait to get back and see it for myself!
Gur Fateh!

Manni Kaur Dulai said...

Gurfateh Parvati sis

Yea its made such a difference and the kids love it!

going back next month so will take some glow in the dark stars and similar things!

truly god blessings!