Wednesday, 10 December 2008

Fishes in the water!

Things have truly been amazing at times I don’t have words to describe the feelings I get when I’m around the kids. To think in around 10-15 days time I will no longer be with them.

After their baths in Chandigarh Jyoti and Chetan started arguing about who’s mummy I was, the understanding of my departure and leaving also started with the kids last month and the following example is emphasised everyday, so they know that we are truly connected with the hearts not just physical form.

The water surrounding the Darbar sahib has many fishes, so when the fight broke out I asked them how big it was?
They were like Vadoo very big and huge (expression with the little tiny hands) and the how many fishes in the water – again lots n lots…. So mama’s heart is the water and you are all the little fishes so there is room for everyone.

This is also repeated like a mantra to the little ones so when was asked Jyoti where’s mama? She pointed to her heart chakra and then told me where she was… in my heart chakra. Bless her the last time we to Darbar Sahib she named most of the fishes with the different children’s names. It worked – but she obviously and herself the biggest fish… lolz.

The same example was used with Simran and she took it quite literally she just pointed at me, my physical body – bless kids they are so innocent and truthful.

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