Friday, 19 December 2008


When I heard the saying many a time that God could not be everywhere so he gave us mothers I guess I really never appreciated the dept of such words and the powerful attributes God has blessed a mother with!

An incident took place where a child was sent to another ward, I knew another truth and was heartbroken, I went to see him and was so emotional in fact beside myself but gathered strength when sitting with him. After a little conversation it was time to leave he grabbed my hand screaming Didi (sister) don’t go, please I beg you, I want to go with you – I had to let go of his tight hand grip! Imagine a child who cannot walk crawls and cries behind you – and you totally helpless and cannot do anything.

That’s when you realise what a mother endures, as a mother I could do nothing for my son, then needed to go to Darbar Sahib and sit in the presence of God and let go of all my emotions and beg for strength and love. WOW...i cried for 4 hours non-stop it was far too emotional and definitely heart wrenching, we both got a temperature too, a true soul connection .Guess I now know how much our mum suffered and sacrificed, love her so much more – I remember when I was a few years younger she always used to say:

“You’ll find out when you’re a mother”
Guess I found out much more earlier than anticipated - the true meaning of a mothers strength and acceptance of Gods will – At time it’s the most difficult and daunting of tasks. We can never repay our mothers or parents for all they do for us, in my eyes our parents are the epitome of God himself as Baba Ji have always taught us:

“Our Mother is our first Guru”

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