Wednesday, 24 December 2008


As mentioned many a time my father is my biggest inspiration, both strength and weakness. The way he leads his life, his mere presence is a blessing, people often comment that there is something about dad which is beyond words. This I have seen, where people are overwhelmed by his vibration and energy – well dad is just my dad.

Thinking about my parents at the time of recognition...So when I’ve been credit, compliments and recognition it goes to dad and God, it is with their GRACE that I’m here !

A girl from Pingalwara studying architecture started to re-vamp the greenery outside the hostel, we started talking and suddenly she said:

“Well, if you can bring a world to the ward, the ocean, planets, starts, forest so why can I not change this? You are the inspiration?”

Wow.. I was dumbfounded

God wiling this radiate to everyone so the children just keep gaining and gaining, one of the reasons for this blog was to give strength to those who want to serve but cannot for whatever reason, always follow your heart and if it’s the right direction God will guarantee the blessing to make it happen.

Thanks Dad love you always!

That said after living here for 6 months I truly admire and respect Biji, regardless of the opposition and negativity, she supported me throughout my stay. She has a lot to manage within the organisation and extremely busy but she always has time for the kids. The money spent on the projects was also authorised by Biji when others said NO. I cannot express my gratitude towards her. She trusted and with Gods grace pleased with the results, guess a lot of people did not know what we were trying to achieve and were understandably apprehensive and felt it was an alienated concept but in the end it was crystal clear. It was always for the kids and for them I would do anything…ANYTHING!

Biji asked me to come back within the month to start on the other projects and she too knows what a difference it will make on the kids lives! The improvement within the special needs school, well it would be my utter pleasure I love the kids and can see myself settling here but the rest is in Gods hands, whatever he may have in store only he knows the bigger picture and controls everything in it!

One things for sure I will always have a lot of LOVE for biji and she advised me many about different things but one piece of advice I will share was:

“Not all members of the family are the same, just as your fingers on your hands”

HOW TRUE – it helps you when you try to deal with different people and situations!

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