Sunday, 28 December 2008

Party and Inauguration...what fun!

What a crazy time it’s been we had a party on the 21st Feb and then again on the 22nd it was fantastic! We eat loads of cake, danced and took 100’s of photos – the children loved it and the most amazing part was the special needs kids dancing with the normal ones and this was such an achievement as the so called ‘normal; tend to exclude that part of their family when is no need whatsoever!

But that is down to the adults and their ignorance, if I do come back that is one of the things I wish to dispel the lack of communication between ALL the children. Have to admit the special ones were more up for it than the norm’s lolz! They were dancing and adventurous which is so much more fun and we loved it.

I was also told ten minutes before the health minister was coming to do a speech if was told earlier would have prepared something but it was so cool, my first speech in Punjabi and it was no longer Tutii fruit (tutii futti)!!! Needed to keep thanking God for his blessings and to keep me grounded not to mention humbled. The health minister of Punjab Laxmi Chawla came to inaugurate the rooms and creative spot were the ones who deserved all the credit for all the hard work. They donated their time and skills and the results were amazing! Can’t thank them enough for what they did god bless all their team Sumeet, Rupinder and the lovely artist!

What words can express their love and time for their work... the whole of the education and play room was their concept and my kids loved it!

I would like to thank you from the bottom of my heart and for touching my soul not to mention that you confirmed the FACT that God does REALLY control Everything!

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