Tuesday, 17 June 2008

Getting Ready!

Hey everyone...

Where does one start?

Well!!! booked my ticket - i'm leaving the UK 9th July but before that I am travelling to Ireland for a Faith Matters Panel meeting...thats going to be very interesting!

The more I think about this trip the more I realise its actually happening! One discusses, dreams and hopes but God has blessed me with this opportunity to make this a reality!

I was asked yesterday What am I expecting?

To be honest i'm not sure... I am going with the flow and letting god show me the path! I will reach whatever destination he chooses for me but the real task is how I tread the journey!

Its going to be an emotional rollarcoaster with everyone!!! it already begun with MUM, bless her heart she won't be sleeping for 6 months!

Let the journey begin...