Tuesday, 17 June 2008

Getting Ready!

Hey everyone...

Where does one start?

Well!!! booked my ticket - i'm leaving the UK 9th July but before that I am travelling to Ireland for a Faith Matters Panel meeting...thats going to be very interesting!

The more I think about this trip the more I realise its actually happening! One discusses, dreams and hopes but God has blessed me with this opportunity to make this a reality!

I was asked yesterday What am I expecting?

To be honest i'm not sure... I am going with the flow and letting god show me the path! I will reach whatever destination he chooses for me but the real task is how I tread the journey!

Its going to be an emotional rollarcoaster with everyone!!! it already begun with MUM, bless her heart she won't be sleeping for 6 months!

Let the journey begin...


Varinder said...

Need any help in India?

Manni Kaur Dulai said...

Hey Varinder

Don't know till i get there!!!

But will keep everyone posted of whats happening and what can be done...

Clairey Fairey said...

Good luck Manni on your new and exciting path. i'll be thinking of you. God bless you sweetheart x x x

Amit said...

Manpreet. This is such an exciting time ... it's what you've been wanting for so long ! Good luck, and God Bless - We're all here rooting for you !

Phoneroom team said...

All the best Manni. Have a great time. We know you'll do an amazing job.- They won't know what's hit them! lol ;-) Still bet you can't get a decent balti on a friday night.

Mandip said...

Hey Big Sis,

Will miss you loads and loads but i know youll do wonders helping those in need in india, good luck on your journey and i wish you all the light, strength and courage to do what comes natural to you...helping others! Love u babe and big jupeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee take care Mandip ;)

B&G sistas! said...

Hey penji!!!
Hows it goin? We just want to know if you're okay, hope it's not too hot out there!:p
And by the way...We miss you!!!
Make sure you take care of yourself!!
Lots of lurv from Buv and Gini!
(and the rest of the family)
Reply bck asap!!!!!!!