Monday, 7 July 2008

Good byes!

I must say I am very blessed to have born in such a loving family and have beautiful friends. I had a number of good bye meals and outings with everyone which was so so cool…I received such heartfelt messages you can but only feel blessed. My good byes were sad and upsetting I knew I was loved but how much I guess I underestimated – being at the airport with my family touched my spirit to and confirmed that I have been dutiful in my roles as a daughter, sister and bhua ji (aunty). Words cannot even describe the feeling of pleasure and pride when your family bid farewell and the messages they send through their eyes.

I can only hope my journey to India will inspire other like minded people to follow their hearts and passion for what they believe. This trip will be about realisations of life and the beyond.

I will miss everyone dearly

Heartfelt Thanks to all in my life!


Amit said...

You're welcome Manni :)

bally said...

aaahhhh how sweet, when you mentioned your beautiful friends i know you were talking about me. ha ha ha stick fingers!!!!!!!!!

Clairey Fairey said...

Thinking of you Manni, lots of love xxx

Manni Kaur Dulai said...

stick fingers ahahahahaahh

u mad woman.. people are askin what that means!!!

simple... Bally also knows shes beautiful inside and out which results in no holding back when one needs to tell the world...


thinking of everyone ... missing you all very much so

Indy said...

Hello madam. . .ahhhhhhhh I just read your goodbye and I know you are talking about me as your beautiful friend (come on Bally) you know she is. . .missing you Manni. Looks like you are really making a difference out there. God only knows that I hope he gives me the opportunity one day to do half of what you are.

Love you loads and miss you.