Monday, 14 July 2008

My 1st day at School...

What was to be an enjoyable 1st day turned out to be a test beyond my comprehension. No matter how much you try and prepare nothing can I mean NOTHING could have prepared me for what I endured today. GOD was truly relentless in terms of showing me everything in one go, I’d like to think I am a strong person for what I have seen in life but with much effort I tried not to cry on three separate occasions. I was given a tour of the Women’s, Men’s and Children’s ward, even as I type this I am distressed remembering the images that will remain with me for a life time. Some were awaiting death, others oblivious to their surroundings and another given birth and has no recollection of her baby.

I repeated profusely like a mantra “I would not be here if GOD did not think I could handle this”.

This has lead to the questions of my ability: Am I really ready for this? Can I really handle this? Am I the right person? Time will tell.

On a lighter note I went to the Special Needs department there is so much work to be done, its going to be an amazing challenge and journey. I was speaking to a young lady who gave me a tour of the wards – she was born here within Pingalwara her mother was admitted whilst pregnant, she had been brought up like a daughter then Biji conducted her marriage and now she has a gorgeous little girl. She also works in the special needs department in the complex which was so heartwarming.

The children are amazing and there is so much unconditional love around but its about tuning in and channeling it appropriately.

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