Thursday, 10 July 2008

Arrived on india soil

Arriving here in India you smell the air as soon as you get off plane. My meeting with the president Bibi Inderjit Kaur also known lovingly as Biji of Pingalwara was great, my role and Sewa (selfless service) was discussed in greater detail there is much being done and so much more to do. I was taken around the museum where I found that the first person with a disability was carried on the founders Bhagat Puran Singh Ji’s back all the way from Lahore to Amritsar. I don’t believe in coincidences and the mans name was PIARA SINGH my daddy ji’s name so I ultimately knew I was meant to be here.

From a young age my dad has always been my inspiration, he has taught me everything I know and not to mention his wisdom has been passed to all his children. Dad always taught us about being good human beings that is the 1st step of spirituality then religion can be embraced when one is ready.

Dad as most people know is my best friend, my father and my spiritual guide or Guru however you wish to term it, he fills our hearts with love and gives us faith to believe dreams and aspirations are possible. Where the sky is the limit and the only person holding you back is you… so with that said messages in whatever form have been part of my live since I can remember, messages come in all forms and from anywhere if your open to them. For example: when you have asked a question from your heart and you know it could make or break you – someone out of the blue gives you the answer, or you read a article in a newspaper and so on ...there it is God or a higher consciousness is communicating… be open and then you know where it came from…

There are many quotes and passages written on the walls and doors of pingalwara and my message from the man upstairs to welcome me here was:


I don’t know what awaits my fate here only God can show me the way!


Sukhmeet said...

Hi Manni,
I really appriciate your input for the cause of Pingalwara , my family has been associated with the pingalwara from times i don't know.You have reached there, and doing it, what most of us dream of.
Keep up your good work and you can be a promise that we , or people like me will follow, thanks for being the leader and being there.
Blessings for all your acheivements.
Sukhmeet Kaur

Amit said...


It's the Cheeky Git that you truly are !!!


You've just made my night ! I literally laughed out loud !

Manni Kaur Dulai said...

now that is cheeky...

only you hold that title mr singh...