Sunday, 13 July 2008

My KING size room...

After spending a few days with family I was ready to settle into what was to be my home for the 6 months. Long term stay has now been changed from staying in the guest house (short term use) to the girls accommodation. I was in a huge room, 4 times the size back home and there was definitely NO walking corridor through the room (for those who know exactly what I mean :-P). anyway I was welcomed with open arms by a few of the girls which was great I was too scared to sleep alone in a huge room not to mention Indian LIZARDS… I cannot stand them! I ended up staying with 2 girls, they were both abandoned - one at the tender age of 3 months at a train station and the other when she was 3 years old roaming the streets. Their smiles would light up any room and the love they crave is just something we all take for granted.

When asked what do you think would have happened to you if you were not here?

We would have been killed.

Now what do you say to that?

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Amit said...

What are the girls names? That is remarkable ... I can tell that this is the type of place that you'd want to be in ... Truly Vadhbhaagh you are Manni.