Friday, 19 December 2008

Come back in a couple of months…

In fact we’ve been training the staff to have sustainability when I leave and Biji came to view the rooms a few days back. She actually wants me back in a couple of months time, she said the special needs kids will be neglected and no one will know how to work and have the maximum impact - so what’s the use of spending so much money?

That said - it was the perfect time to mention the idea of the hydro therapy pool, I was completely in tears when she said yes! “Do it as the next project” she said, have to admit if it wasn’t for Biji’s support, all this would not have been possible. She has been the blessing and backbone of ALL the work. Not to mention Bawa Uncle Ji one of the administrators he has also been imperative in terms of providing for all that was needed…. LOVE EM! These three uncles jis gave me so much love.. so much Tilakraj Uncle, Rajveer Uncle and Bawa Uncle! Thank you!
God knows what he has in store for me but I wasn’t expecting this to come like this. Paul Parji (the amazing artist) even said “the kids needs you – you must come back” It was so emotional and Biji gave me the biggest hug and blessing. I truly love her, she’s just great and to give me permission for something unheard of in Punjab was…well what words can express?

That now really throws my idea out of the window opening my own thing to what I wanted and my way. Guess upstairs have something else mind, won’t dare mention this to mum til I get back even my brothers apart from the eldest (Tosh Parji) he’s just my rock in every way e already knows he he he They would provide me with a house, a salary and the responsibility to run the special needs school.

Before any decision can be made I need to see Baba Ji and seek guidance (as per any major moves in my life) It feels that this is my calling the kids, the poor and needy,I can surround myself in their love for the rest of my life. My life is longer about the 5 people in the UK, its about the larger family I have adopted, the larger family who God has blessed me with.

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