Sunday, 30 November 2008

Chandigarh ...

Things have been crazily busy here and my heart sinks everytime the thought of going home… mum even asked whether I’ll be able to live back in the UK.. the answer is truly NO but I will accept where GOD places me. These kids have truly instilled a place in the dept of my soul and our relationship is truly the beginning... you know the amazing thing is they know call me MAMA I’ve been promoted! The little 3 year olds come into my bed at 7am snuggle in with their cold hands and feet, till the breakfast bell... who will do that when I leave here?

Who will knock on my door 20 times to say good morning, kiss my cheeks with cold lips.. but I’m thankful for the time I have spent and the wonderful memories I have!

Happy Birthday to my little brother... he’s 27 now, wow how time flies and how much I love him more and more as the years go by! Remember how we used to hang out (was cool once upon time not any more) and we used to make cards for our dad and drew pictures of how we would help the world…ahahahahaha dad kept every little piece of paper from when we around 3 years old.

It’s been a mission organising a weekend trip to Chandigarh with the special needs kids but it was worth it! We had an amazing time and the kids love every minute, we went to this cool place Haveli in Jalandhar and its makes you laugh how people feel they have to stop and stare – got to a point where we were like wanna join us for a cuppa?

Anyway… on the Saturday we went to satbir Zoo what an enjoyable experience to see the kids expressions and reactions when they saw the animals! We then went onto Sukhna Lake there we chilled out and even had a meal, my friend Sandeep was also down from the USA he was a great help and the kids loved him! Some of these kids have never been out like this, even Pushpa was touched by the whole experience, well who would have the time to take her and her siblings?

The sewadars and teachers were amazing and really helped out where it was needed, I think its really about working together as a team and no hierarchy even though one person has a the responsibility for everyone its vital everyone chips in to make it fair and inclusive. This is truly what these kids need new environments to both learn from and enjoy, people here feel that such kids cannot move forward but then if you don’t ever TRY you will never know…

Whilst at the lake you could say two of our boys went walkies. 1st is was all about letting go – Gods will but then as time when by 10 mins , 15 mins and then 30 min that when I seriously got worried. Even after an announcement no joy! You could say I began to have palpitations and my mind began to wonder. At that point I made a soul wrenching plea to my dad, me and dad have this beautiful connection that where ever it maybe I can call for him and guaranteed he is by my side wherever in the world he is. Dad is more than a father so whenever a disciple is in trouble who comes to mind – the master. So no word of a lie 2 mins later literally I got a call from one of the teachers that they boys had been walking towards the bus, tears rolled down my eyes and then Pushpa even stated – she was relived for me just as the other staff. They are thanking god - my name and self respect (IZZAT) is in god’s hands. Whatever impression or misdemeanors he wishes to inflict on me SO BE IT but all I know I needed my kids back safe and sound and my plea was answered.
So who says you cannot communicate to those on different parts of the world, universe or dimensions???
I feel complete with these kids when changing Chetan or mothering Jyoti (it was one 2 one support), I was given the opportunity to be their mother what a blessing! No one would take the responsibility with Jyoti as she has brittle bones, you can understand the fear and apprehension but its not impossible – we have been out on many occasions and with Gods blessing nothing has been fractured or broken.
Nothing is impossible – YOUR mind makes it!!!


Varinder said...

Manni, you're a living role model for me and thousands of other people out there reading your blog.

I don't know what else to say other than stay strong, we're all with you.

Anne Shalom said...

One of our pupils went missing this week and it was a scary time. But I contacted some of my religious friends from different faiths and they prayed....and the child was found, some hours later, safe and sound.

Manni Kaur Dulai said...

Awww Thanks Varinder

God bless you! i don't know abotu role model but its truly gods grace for what i have experience and gained from these angels!

Ann.. it was crazy but all was well in the end! in fact it hasn;t put me off at all i'm arranging my next visit and will be taking them all out again!