Saturday, 15 November 2008

Helping INDIA to see…

As mentioned briefly we had a mega eye camp at Pingalwara and MEGA it was! An orgainsation named Give the Gift of sight has been involved in many missions around the world and this was India’s good fortune to receive their gift. WOW… I was left in awe by the 25 strong team from all around the world, USA, Canada, Germany and Italy they were all dedicated, compassionate and so friendly, they were so loving to all who walked through the doors. They started on the 5th but then we were due to go on the 7th but what I saw in the couple of days before and the 3 days after was complete and utter selfless service. The numbers had doubled even trebled and the system in place and the resources were in full flow and the smiles and hugs were too! Their moto with conviction was sight is not a privilege but a right, how they believed this and gave the poor and needy people of Punjab the gift of sight, their numbers reached over 14,000 what a commendable sewa they all did and people were refused as the grounds were over crowded. Our kids warmed to the team and they also made friends, the team wanted to adopt and gave heartfelt goodies – even I got some candy!!! Personally this gave me the boost I needed, as its been a tough few months as you know and it was so refreshing to see others give and give they did… they were on the go from 8am till 6.30pm and there was no stopping them. A few of the guys didn’t even sit down or only moved from their post when it was lunch time, the driving force of this whole event was a lovely guy Dave and he had much love and reverence for Biji on the 2nd to last evening with us they were honored and he had no words for Biji and what impression she left on his heart. If he didn’t say another word thereafter he eyes and his aura said it all! What a guy and what a team he had, he lead by example with his right hand man Paul who also gave and gave! He provided sunglasses for my little ones and never sat down either… he even had a soft spot for my Gagan... guess she has a special spark that everyone loves!

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Rakesh said...

It was our pleasure, and your support and dedication is not only rare, but truly selfless.

Dr. Rakesh CANADA