Saturday, 15 November 2008

An ocean of LOVE

So much happening here at the moment its truly amazing, I was in the midst of unconditional sewa soaking up the vibration .The mission Give the Gift of sight a group of 25 doctors from round the world came here to pingalwara to set up an eye camp 5th-17th and gift they did I will discuss this separately (a few lines will not do justice).

What words can describe my experience here at the Special Olympics in Ludhiana… There was an ocean of love, ocean of unconditional laughter and the hugs and kisses were never ending. I was truly in heaven, Yes people may say it but feeling and experiencing it with every cell in your body was a different thing altogether. These children fed my spirit in ways words cannot describe, people here in India give status and respect to those with academic knowledge, money and titles but the TRUE VIP’s was GOD himself ALL 300 WOW what a picture. I went as a guest so to speak and was even going to be treated as one… VIP and all!!!! What a bunch of bull if one is to use such words… There were around 300 kids all with disabilities, I wanted to be part of them, be part of their experience and that’s exactly what I did! I remember in Barcelona Anandmurti Guru Maa giving us a definition of religion:

“just by looking into the ocean you do not feel it, only when you jump into the ocean you feel depth of the water, the moist on your skin only then you can become one with the ocean”

A couple of family friends (brothers) from the UK were here too and joined us in this fantastic event. This was definitely one of my highlights of my sewa here in India, we had 2 days of purity, innocence and unadulterated love. What an impact I’m truly grateful to God for the blessings he bestowed on us to even feel that we were worthy of such service. This is the way forward, this is the only way I know you can enrich your lives and truly evolve and move closer to HIM, this has been experienced to its fullest form trust me! The kids are truly blessed and like I said GOD manifested in their bodies and feeling God in every essence mind, body and soul was truly soul touching for many reasons.

It wasn’t about winning or losing their efforts could clearly be seen, their happiness just getting to the winning line... ok I cheated a bit for my children by shouting and screaming, I noticed that they were loosing as they had no sense of finishing or recognised anyone… so off me went in my dodgy kashmeri look and just gave everything I had… Not forgetting the others kids so we just screamed and shouted at all the children so they too could finish, they too could win, they too are AMAZING…

Got myself a bit of a rep and the kids flocked me as though I cannot find words to describe (as I look into the fields of greenery on the top of our house in the village) ok lets try again… they loved me so much and were asking their teachers to approach me for a hug, that was all I had to give - unconditional, limitless hugs and kisses and this is all they wanted… Love is one thing that can never run out EVER! It’s like a bottomless well that gives water and has no way of stopping itself giving water.

Saturday was cool, the kids were invited to a cultural show and there was music and they danced, being part of the dancing was so much better than watching what was on stage as the kids loved it! What dancers and movers we have among these delightful souls, giving us so much joy and happiness. When it was the last dance I was the only adult on stage first I was just enjoying watching them and then a surge of want…a surge of needing to feel more and be part of them

It was great, then the kids remembered me the following day and did the hugs and kisses come overflowing. One little boy came running to me and touched my feet and gave me the biggest hug what can I say? they kill me with the limitless love, it was overwhelming I don’t feel comfortable when kids touch my feet so to confuse them I return their gesture and they don’t know what to do with themselves. Bless them! Never had an adult touch their feet but why not? Are they not worthy of giving us a blessing?
Of course they are …they are God in human form or human form of God who knows!

Another fond memory was whilst the VIP’s were doing speeches (we were suppose to be listening) one of the kids from the night before started doing some bhangra in the middle of the field where everyone was doing their thing, it was just me and him doing some mad moves and his facial expressions were priceless and he touched my heart. He just danced those moments away as if the movement was meant to be and flow of energy timed perfectly for that moment...just me and him!

Another elderly woman just wanting to dance and kiss me!

On the last day we were taking photos like there was no tomorrow and the workers also requested if they could take a photo...why not… Are they not the children of the divine flame? They were collecting chairs and women old as my mother were calling me “madam” and that I should sit on the chair. Would I not give up my chair for my mother? Would my mother call me ‘madam’ err think not would get a slap… ahhahahahah no seriously I sat at their feet and we clicked away! that’s what its all about… putting a smile on strangers faces and knowing you were part of it. What a blessing.

We were also invited by a loving family to their beautiful home, it was amazing their SARHDA (devotion) could be felt a mile off and they requested many times that we only have tea and it would be their good fortune that the kids came to their house… Those on a spiritual inclination could never deny this offer so how could we…!!! Regardless of the obstacles faced we were welcomed with open arms and hearts only to find Guru Granth Sahib residing in their home and they openly admitted all was his blessings. Mirza their son was one of the volunteers appointed with our group and serve he did I think he got more than he bargained for too… so God bless us all on this journey of realisation.
What deep conversations we had at the railway station…who says you need to be in a particular place to talk about GOD and SPIRITUALITY! I don’t know what God is doing but one thing is for sure he is showing me love at the deepest level and who knows where this will lead.

No longer do I want the rat race of life even though I loved my work back home – now there is a higher calling, a purpose – HIS PURPOSE. Haven’t got a clue where I’ll end up but if the kids are with me he can take me to any corner of the world and just shower his blessings like he has been.

What an experience…

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