Saturday, 1 November 2008

Rays of Light and Softplay Heaven

After updating the blog I realised there is another 2 months here and so much to do, I’ve been crazily busy and wanted to meet mum at Hazur sahib for the 300th celebrations but was unable to do so due to the sewa. One room in the childrens ward looks amazing, the artist Pall Uncle has been in Pingalwara from birth and his art work are his children and the love for the work can be felt let alone seen a mile off! He left me speechless and mind blown when he finished the water carrier picture, it was half done when we went to the games and he completed it. My eyes and a big fat hug for him must have expressed what I felt for him and his work. I know what this will do for those innocent children, it can be felt as soon as you walk into the room, no longer are the walls white and lifeless, no longer is the ceiling dull and boring and no longer are my children’s lives colourless.

Thank you god so much for making me part of this realisation that if a child cannot see the world bring the world to him/her. From the depth of my soul I thank you for making me part of this long lasting happiness that will hopefully remain for years to come.

The other two projects Rays of Light (sensory Room) and Soft play heaven (soft play room) are still under way. The Indian way of working is much different to ours but I guess one has to adapt and accept. It’s coming along well but we just have to have the patience to believe and allow, remembering the early stages of the project when God tested me to such a degree that I needed to surrender, this still applies to all the aspects of the project and every part of my life now.

God has not relented since I have been here in terms of spiritual growth so with all the other challenges this was another that had to be overcome HAIR LOSS. Yes I’m looking more and more like my brothers DAMN! we all going to like the Kojak family. I’ve been loosing clumps of hair for the past month and yes lost around half of my thick curly hair and those who know me …know how heavy it was! My brother told me to cover my hair due to the loss of moisture and roots gone very weak so when buying some head scarf’s and bandanas it was emotional and realised at that point what my good friend must have gone through. But she needed a wig and was under going chemo at the time, but the heart wrenching part was I had no one to hug me or kiss me better.

The hair loss had got worse and then a friend suggested seeing a head and scalp specialist and whilst there call it coincidence if you may … I don’t know, but there was as medical assistant from Iran who was listening to our conversation and my reasons to why I was here in India he then said the most touching thing I’ve heard in a very very long time:

“In the Torah the Jewish Scriptures there is a Jewish belief that there are
36 angels scattered in this world and look like normal people.
You are one of them without a doubt”

I was gobsmacked this guy didn’t know me from Adam and yet shared something with me so profound.

I’m also ¾ of the way into the book THE NEW EARTH, wow… this has been my helping hand throughout – its realigns a person to what is important, the need to be in the moment to feel, touch, see with such depth that you connect to deeper consciousness that is GOD or Being like he says. You could say bringing this into my daily life has proved a shift in my energies. When I see my children and hug them… it is just me and them no other, their little hands in mine, their tiny little lips on my cheek wow what intense depth that I was not aware earlier.

I remember meditating and one of my babies was on my lap opening my eyes she was looking straight through me she opened my heart and that moment, that moment I knew it was God blessing me. We say flippantly God is everywhere and in everyone but when we are aware and living every moment as though it were our last only then we can realise the true meaning of a beautiful LIFE!
My roomies...Gagan (Right) has spent every night in my room since being here and Daljit the past couple of months far left is the lovely and pleasant Laxmi

We also spent Diwali at home during the day dancing with the kids and then evening at the Golden Temple it was a truly amazing Diwali the best maybe, as I was with my kids and the firework display was out this world which you can see and well I will let the pictures say the rest…

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Anne Shalom said... If you want to know more about the righteous ones in Judaism, here's some information! How touching for this to be mentioned, spiritual language goes across religions....