Saturday, 25 October 2008

Touching the Soul...

I would like to thank from the bottom of my heart my friends, brother’s friends and sangat (congregation) who have donated money for the kids. I can’t begin to tell you the profound happiness and uplift my spirit receives when we are out and about. . My mate Juggy from the UK was also down and stayed with us for a few days, what a laugh it was – we went out with the kids, had a water fight and got their eyes checked too (very basic test) it was so refreshing for me to have someone I knew around.

In India when there are celebrations Darbar Sahib gets extremely crowded and people push and shove one another like there is no tomorrow, so taking the deaf and mute children would in itself be a challenge especially if they were to get lost. I’ve noticed that the is such a divide with the so called ‘Normal’ children and they feel they should not include those with disabilities but its not their fault they have not been taught any better, this is why we are here to love and educate them. So the kids that got left on Gurpurab all 12 of them, we decided to take them to Pizza Hut.
There was a lot of laughter and signing, this man was watching us (well everyone as but who cares) he came over to us and asked me who these kids were and gave us some money for desserts! How amazing was that just made me realise that there are many good people in this world but you only attract them when the time is right and when God wishes.

We also went to Darbar Sahib and now being here so long I have made friends with the Sewadars (volunteers) and they know who my kids are so they let us go in the fast lane so to speak. So, Ram a beautiful soul who has polio told me his story and I wasn’t expecting it at all but I guess going there brought back memories for him

“Didi, this is where my mother left me,”

Those words just stopped me in my tracks as he went further…
“well mum brought me here and I didn’t think anything of it, she then said she was going to get my little brother, but she never came back. It became dark and one of the Baba Ji’s (old man) took me to Pingalwara where I have been since”
With a lump in my throat I did not know what to say to this lively, bubbly and crazy child… so diverting the topic for both of us was best, so clothes off he dived in to the Sarovar (Ambrosial Nectar surrounding the Golden temple) and what a soul touching moment.


Maple Leaf Sikh said...

Fateh Ji,

You're doing some amazing work in Punjab. I've referred to you on my blog,

Keep it up!


balkar said...

i was fortunate enough to meet manni in india and witnessed at first hand her contribution to the children of pinglwara.

most women have maternal instincts but restrict their love to their own children.

manni was different, she was special. her unbounded love embraced the children of others as if they were her own. in her heart, in her womb there is always a place for everyone. she is a remarkable young woman. in her i could see a strength and purity associated with the likes of mother teresa or mata sahib kaur.

Aaron A-TRAIN Singh said...

HOW VERY PROUD I AM OF MY BELOVED AUNTY!! WOW...i always knew fetching food from the kitchen to you in bed was for you to do something special...hehe lots of love

Manni Kaur Dulai said...

Thank You Maple Leaf Sikh

Balkar...I am not worthy of such comparasions nor will I ever be! We only do what is required of US and this is both expected and required for me...END OF!

It was great meeting you and God Bless..

Aaron you little monkey and that was not to be shared in PUBLIC! hope the games are going well and proud that your my nephew with much potential to become a FANTASTIC basketball player with firm grounding.

In Love and Light