Monday, 20 October 2008

Dharam Shala

After reading the Power of now I have most definitely learnt the importance and value of the present moment, why worry about yesterday it has past? Why fret about tomorrow as it has not come? The mind is bound by time and this moment, right now, right this second as your read this is all that matters, this timeless, limitless and the mind has no control of it! So with this mindset I let my remaining journey and life unfold itself. This led to letting things flow in surrender to HIS will and what a blessing. During the interfaith conference I met with some amazing people who are the reason I ended up in Dharam Shala wow, I can tell you I would recommend it to anyone its 4 hours away from where I was and it felt like a new country and the air was spiritually charged as Baba ji would put it, surrounded with monks and people who are looking to connect with the deeper consciousness.

We did some shopping which was like respite after the few months I’ve had and thought about the family a lot – wish they could have been there to share the experience. We also had the pleasure of meeting Kesang Y. Takla (Mrs) the minister of the department if information and & international relations for his holiness the Dala Lamai and it was a great feeling and what history the Tibetans have and the heartache surrounding the Chinese, but one can only pray that God shines his light on people and countries as Jesus said “Forgive them as they know not what they do”. Whilst we were shopping I got a call from my friend Victor from Scotland who said we are meeting his Holiness in 5 minutes GET HERE STRAIGHT AWAY!

Wow… I always wanted a photo with His Holiness and I actually thought he would be at Hazur Sahib as there was a major conference in Amrtisar last year too where he attended. As I let thing unfold accepted that God knows what’s in my heart, security is extremely tight here at the temple and at his home which is totally understandable so our mobile phones and camera were taken away, bags and body searches were done! But it was worth every second, to see His Holiness was such a blessing and all the books and passages you can truly see an enlightened spirit in physical form touching so many thousands of lives.
We were only there for a couple of days and my batteries recharged and it also topped off the conference especially when going home (well Pingalwara is home for now) to work on the projects.

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