Sunday, 10 May 2009

Who is Paul Parji?

Well… let me tell you, he is the most gentle, warming and compassionate man you can ever come across. He gave me strength when I was weak, picked me up when I was down and yet says I was the one who gave him reason to live. When they say you attract only what you put out, Parji (brother) is most definitely a person I would want to attract lifetime after lifetime, he has served with Bhagat Ji for many years and is still a loyal worker at Pingalwara. He is has many roles but for me he was god sent for our children, he did all the painting and art work without any hesitation, the kids also love him and they run to him shouting PAUL PARJI, PAUL PARJI!

People were shocked to why he did all the work as when they wanted to get things done from him it was impossible…well my first encounter with him was at Baba Ji’s barsi in August 2008, I was being interviewed by an journalist and when mentioning my upbringing and dads love & guidance Parji was melted. With tears in his eyes he didn’t need to say anything else, I knew our relationship was to be for life and my place is in his heart had been cemented.

Time and time again I see pain in his eyes and he has many stories and heart wrenching situations to tell but he loves the children and keeps himself to himself. Many a time I told him to get a phone as I wanted to talk and touch base his response:

“Does God have a mobile phone?”

That melted me, and when I was in the UK he dreamt about me telling him off for not finishing the painting…so I guess we can still communicate without phones, computers and modern technologies – we at times forget there is a high consciousnesses above all else, which delivers messages from many different planes.

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