Wednesday, 13 August 2008

The 21 year old breadwinner...

Pushpa’s father passed away when she was only 15 years old, her mother could not endure the heartache and stopped living a normal life, she could not gain strength from her children nor from god which is so very unfortunate for all – this is when faith truly becomes the pillar of existence. She gave up on life and when Pushpa was 17 years old her younger sister who was a little unwell passed away at the tender age of 14, this was the straw that broke the camels back for Pushpa’s mother and 5 days later she too passed away in her daughters arms.

Pushpa now works for 2,400 rupees ($50 dollars) a month where she is the sole breadwinner and looks after her younger brother (16) and sister (15). She endeavours to give them a good quality of life and her life is no longer a priority. As we were shopping I realised that her needs have been on the backburner for many years, the prices were too high or she remembered that her siblings needed something more. God blessed me with the opportunity to treat her, the expression in her eyes and love that she showered thereafter was priceless…

I then reflected her story to my own reality well to my own so called truth … what a delusion my nephew is only a year younger than Pushpa, yes he too has had testing times but nothing in comparison. He has not a worry to vend for others, his expenditure is taken care of and he works for the family business not to mention he is loved immensely by his elders… what a different world to Pushpas and other 21 year olds who are educating themselves for a better life.

Her so called relatives have also shown their true colours by stating that her parents are dead and you children are a burden. Her faith in God has very much faltered she questions his will and blessings

What has he done for me?
He has written nothing but sorrow in my life?
I feel as I though I am burden to this life?
I cannot see light at the end of the tunnel and I accept my life to be filled with sorrow.

What words can heal such wounds? What can one say to someone?
Only those who have experienced such devastation can understand or have a inclination of the pain the other person is enduring.

I could only give examples of how came out of the devastation in my life, how I overcame the biggest test of my life and not to mention regained faith in God after loosing everything I believed in.

One can only share, hope and pray that Pushpa can find it in her heart to embrace the love she once had for God and accept his will, but its so much easier said than done!

For those who know me very well... I never shut up but hearing stories likes Pushpha’s story I am left speechless on a regular basis, I am left in awe and utter shock at the same time.

That said I now feel it’s always about ones outlook on life, as they say do you see you glass as half empty or full?


Hari said...

Hi Sugar,

Great post regarding the "The 21 year old breadwinner...", I have posted a summary on the SikhiWiki mainpage. Hope thats OK.

Sometimes, we in the UK forget just how tough life is for folks in India, Africa, etc. Articles like this one go to show how lucky we are and how we should be thanking Waheguru for his blessings.

Great post. Hope to see more soon.

Keep well - eat only hot food and drink from sealed bottles!

Luv, Hari Singh

meena said...

your article was thought provoking.
when we hear about such situations, we realize the importance of what we have rather than taking it for granted. we become thankful to God for what ever He has given us.
Indeed Pushpa's situation is difficult, but i pray that God gives her the strength to come through this difficult test successfully, and that she may be able to see and feel the kindness and mercy of God.
there have been a few incidents in the lives of people around me, and such extreme situations...ranging from early age marriage followed by a divorce in 10 days..that has left my friend scarred and hurt till today and she too feels rejected ,,.. but she has found strength and hope in God..she lives for her sister, niece & nephew.
Another person I know, his mother passed away as soon as she gave birth to him.and then his father when he was 7-8 yrs old…he worked from from childhood onwards and was going to school also , at the same time, studying at night., from one job to another struggling and working hard..not even knowing what the meaning of life was..but what ever memories he has of his father was that to be thankful to God for whatever He has given us. he is never complaining , neither for having to work so hard in a young age, neither for having his parents taken away so early, neither for not having anybody not love him.but now by Gods Grace he has a wonderful family children better Gods Will..
Another lady had major family problems. she had to eventually run away from home and went to live in an ashram and that changed her approach to life completely ..she now lives with her husband and is a happy Krishna devotee and thankful for His mercy and kindness. She spends most of her time in devotional service to Krishna.
There are so many stories where I can describe how strength and hope have developed from difficult situations.
I too have come across such difficult and challenging situations that I contemplated on ending my life many times, but lack of nerve and the thought of my parents situation after my death., always prevented me from doing so. Then I turned towards Waheguru, He gave me the strength and hope. Whatever happens and comes to pass is by His Will. We are all his children and He is our Father..and a Father can only think the best for his children. We have to just trust Him and be a little patient.
There are so many incidents in our everyday life where we can feel the presence of God. There are so many stories not only in the sikhi dharma but almost in all other religions where a devotee or a saint is tested for his belief in the God, his patience and his faith.
I would like to say to Pushpa to have faith in the Lord, I pray that He blesses you with happier days. And most importantly living selflessly for the sake of your younger sis n bro is admirable and will be rewarded ultimately. Pushpa please have faith in the Lord. Because faith can move mountains. ....there will definitely be happier days in your life,. because we all are praying for you.
Warm wishes

Manni Kaur Dulai said...

Hey thank you so much for sharing...

Pushpa has a heart of gold and has so much passion for the work she does at pingalwara... she looks after 3 adorable kids who receive much love from her...

we can only but pray that her life is led towards the light and she gets strength from GOD for the life awaits..

much love...

uncle ji its more than fine