Saturday, 23 August 2008

Little Miracles...

I’ve not been well last couple of weeks, doctor’s order - to rest as I had torn stomach muscles due to the roads. I knew something moved when I was jolted 10 inches in the air on the 3 wheeler oh well! I‘ve had enough of being battered and bruised by such drivers that I have now bravely taken the on the roads of India… its been such an adventure and now hoping and with Gods blessing to have my own car where we can take the kids around more freely and more frequently and a heartfelt thanks to friends and family who have supported me - will love you always. I’ve also been at home and hoping to go back to pingalwara in the next few days (can’t flippin wait - miss the kids so much). Mum’s been here too so that’s made life a little easer but life back home seems very surreal compared to the world here. When you have no choice but to rest, reflect and analyse you begin to question what type of life you have been living. What is reality and it feels as though you’re torn between two worlds physical and spiritual so in limbo til gods decides further. Mum visited pingalwara and was not happy with my ling conditions and the motherly instinct came out with vengeance and orders to come back home INSTANTLY not to mention the fuel filled questions about why was here… whats compelling me to stay here? You have such a comfortable life back home why?

How could I possibly begin to tell her about the love and passion I feel from the children, and the only way was to show her as no words could describe the intensity of what I believe here… and it worked, Sona and Mona asked for some sunglasses as they wanted a pair like mine, so I told mum to give them and then she realised why I’m here, she had tears in her eyes and said only now...only now I understand why… we should appreciate what we have…Wow... I couldn’t believe it was the same woman demanding me to come back home and that’s the power of unconditional LOVE.

It was also nice for mum to celebrate Rakhri here in India after 30 years, makes you realise how much your parents really did give up!

It was the my first time where I was not there in England, that was tough but then my brother said “its not about a thread around the wrist its about the deep bond we share in our hearts which is eternal and for life” gosh man… what could you say to that? My brothers are god sent but they are the ones who can kill you with words and melt you at the same time!

My Amazing family (my brothers and nephews)

One such story which will be told separately about a brother who sold his sister ...

We also visited Pingalwara on the day of Rakhri and everything has already been ordained which we know but this was another day about the heartfelt wish of children.

Gagan had spent most of the week making for me a rakhri which was so heartwarming i‘d never had something like that made for me and this was my first rakhri.

The girls in the hostel had made Rakhris for brothers they did NOT have and in hope had been awaiting anxiously all day for someone to come. I had come with my cousin and they requested whether they could they could tie it on him he was such a darling he had no qualms about it and even said God willing I will come again next year.

Its little miracles like these that make you speechless!


Sumeet Singh said...

haha don't listen to Auntie, you hang in there Manni!!! :)

Again, can't tell you enough how proud of you I am.

aaron said...

Whos that massive guy on the side of your amazing it is I...jus dropping by to say how much were all missing your influence at home :) loads of love

P.S. bibiji needs to give me some of those shades the little ones are wearing, straight gangster lol..

Clairey Fairey said...

Dear Manni, i read your blog with tears in my eyes. yours words are so inspiring.
Keep up the fantastic work, you will truly be rewarded. God Bless You. lots of love xxx

Manni Kaur Dulai said...

hey lovely people

thanks a million...

Aaron surprise surprise you spot urself first! yea i have a pair of those sunnies for u too... don't hate those little players hate the game remember..

Lovely to hear from you claire... words can only inspire those who have beautiful hearts themselves