Wednesday, 13 August 2008

Bhagat Ji’s 16th Death Anniversary...

It was my pleasure to be part of the grand celebrations, Bhagat Ji’s life reminds me a little of our founder of Guru Nanak Nishkam Sewak Jatha, Sant Baba Puran Singh Ji.

How blessed are we to have and serve such great saints who truly live the way our Gurus have taught. Who serve endlessly and selflessly with great compassion and humility, I have seen many people serve but who serves god with his high consciousness connected? With Baba Ji’s teachings and my fathers principles we have been taught from a very young how first and foremost to become good human beings, spiritually inclined and then embrace religion to enhance that spirituality this is a universal message for all, no matter what religion.

Bhagats ji’s life was not about recognition from man but love for the sick and lifeless, he did not differentiate in gods creation human or animal and when deserted he immediately prepared a grave and initiated a deserving respect of death. His love for his first child Piara Singh became the epitome of what Pingalwara should stand for and its purpose. Bhagat Ji chose to be surrounded by the lowest of low, sickest of sick and poorest of poor. I remember a shabad by Guru Nanak Dev Ji (I don’t have Punjabi font but certainly give the English translation)

“Nanak seeks the company of the lowest of low class, the very lowest of low. Why should he try to compete with the great? In that place where the lowly are cared for – there, the Blessings of Your Glance of Grace rain down.”

To witness such celebrations maybe I underestimated the impact Bhagat ji had on so many lives and many more to come into Pingalwara, I have yet to write about first hand experiences that Bhagat ji gave to many children and look forward to hearing how their lives were touched and changed forever.

There was also a seminar at Guru Nanak Dev Ji University about the environmental challenges and social responsibility in Punjab. This was an immensely informative seminar even on the basis that I knew nothing about the subject, how farmers in Punjab use chemicals and pesticides which result in ill health, pollution and may other fatalities both to the population and environment. We visited the farm which is the example of natural farming and it was great to see something being practiced rather than preached. The work Biji is carrying out is a true testimony of Bhagats Ji’s vision and aspirations of what life should be lived by the average person living in Punjab.

All I can say at this point is: The more I learn the less I know!

A hospital is currently being built in the grounds of Pingalwara but this does not deter the patient numbers and wounded coming in so blood is needed on a regular basis. It was my good fortune to see such a brilliant turn out of healthy people wanting to give something to the needy and less fortunate at the blood drive. It was great to see the younger generation so willing to give without question of why and how? Some younger girls however were underweight a so disappointed and dishearten when rejected to giving blood. Making them understand their intent and being there they have served their purpose and the have reaped the fruits from God was important.

My message:

True knowledge is the service of eternal values, the service of god, the service of humanity, the service of the poor and lowly. Dr Radhakrishan philosopher and former president of India.

Along with prayers in his memory there was also a cultural evening which the children have been practicing for weeks and weeks, the time and dedication by staff and children was great to see but my heart poured our to those who children who could not be part of the celebrations for whatever reason. One particular girl pulled the strings of my heart the moment I saw her on my first day, she since recognises my voice and touch - her name Jeevanjot (life of light) she is totally blind, so I took her to try and attempt to be her eyes. Again why could she not enjoy the music and laughter? All her other senses are available for her to have a full life but not the time and understanding of others.

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