Wednesday, 10 September 2008

Without suffering man forgets God …

You see and feel a hell of a lot, living here the complex of Pingalwara and one things I have witnessed is the work being done by the workers in the girls accommodation, day and night they work and they all have a different story to tell. A few days ago me and one of the sewadars (workers) began a heart to heart conversation about her life and the irony was that her daughter came to the accommodation with her class mates to work on a project about Pingalwara a day later, Coincidence I think not …

Her story…

My husband used to work privately as a home guard for the police and in 2005 he was diagnosed with throat cancer and passed away two years later. God as my witness I lived every moment serving him my life was his and we tried to get him the best treatment possible. God blessed me with the running of my house and I still to this day don’t know how. My 2 brothers also passed away within 6 months 1 had cancer and the other in a motoring accident they promised to look after but they too left my side. My eldest daughter was 16, son 13 and my youngest daughter 11 years old , at this point we had no way out and we all even contemplated suicide and ending our lives once and for all, my husbands job was private and they did not give a damn. When your husband is no longer with you and you have no money, you can imagine what I have to go through. We live in a joint family where I live with 2 of my sister in laws, not even your relatives come forward to help they all become strangers overnight

We has to start afresh my eldest was in +1 (year 11 in high school) and had to leave school after her 1st term as we could no longer afford the schools fees. She started working for a pharmacy earning 1500 rupees a month (15 pounds), her employer suggested that she start a accounting course then she got a job in the computers at the same place, she now has more general knowledge than the doctor (she says proud fully with her eyes gleaming). Someone then suggested that I apply for a job here a Pingalwara they took my interview and I got the job.

.My daughter still works for the pharmacy today and is studying to become a air hostess, it was her fathers dream for her to become air hostess, we took a loan and now she pays for this with her own salary whilst I run the house with mine.

To me my children are my life and I don’t need anyone else especially getting married again - they live for me and I for them. From a young age I have learnt to budget so God has blessed me the honor of not having to bow my head and beg anyone.

I have learnt that without suffering man forgets god and without suffering you cannot be tested to attain the ultimate which is GOD himself.

All is his WILL.

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