Tuesday, 9 September 2008

Blood ? What blood relation???

There is another branch of Pingalwara in Sangrur and there I met 54 year old Pushpa…what a story she had to tell…but could only tell me briefly - you could see the pain it caused and the anguish whilst replaying her life!

I used to live with my in laws and then had news of my mother passing so came to Amritsar to live with my sister. All the ancestral property and business was in my name so my sister decided to register me as mental and not worthy of the property. She convinced professionals to give me electric shocks along with medication to make sure my mental state of mind was definitely affected. My sister then took me to my brothers house where my brother has also passed and I lived in Chandigrah with my sister in law, she took me to some satsangs (religious gatherings) and I received blessings from Guru Ji and they took me in and looked after me. After a while my appendix began to play up and then I was sent to my sister in laws house, then she and my sister made a plan and dropped me at Pingalwara, I didn’t have a clue where I was going and nor did they tell me…

I have no children and my husband didn’t know what was happening and where I was, I found out he passed away while I was at Pingalwara. All the property is now is my sisters name and I cannot do anything, look at my age – I am just wanting to live my remaining life in prayer and devotion to Guru Ji.

Makes you feel sorry and pity those who go to extreme levels to attain materialistic things without any fear of GOD!


Sikhcess said...

This is the stuff that you hear of all the time that breaks my heart. If blood doesn't care then what's left.

Mandip said...

God is left...they care!

Blood is in all of us therefore we are all connected in one way or another, it is the human choice to do such breatheless acts of cruelty. Compassion and love is what is missing so much in this world, it breaks my heart too to hear these peoples lives, and yet there are so many more out there with no one to tell.

Parvati said...

It makes me wonder how people can live with themselves after committing such atrocious acts against another person, much less a relative.
This woman is a mountain of strength and her faith in the love of Waheguru is an inspiration. In a way, she reminds me of my own mother who passed about 8 years ago. My mother came from a family where relatives were very selfish, and she always pushed us girls to get all the education that we could so that we would be able to be self sufficient and not have to "be dependant on anyone or any man." That was very important to her because of her background. It is a legacy that I have passed on to my kids, especially my daughter, even though I have been blessed with very kind in-laws who I love and who love me as if I were their own daughter, and a very kind husband who lets me follow my interests and is proud of me.
I am fortunate and I know it and it makes me feel very humble when I hear other people's stories.

Mandeep said...

Hi Manni,
I have been reading your posts from the very beginning. You are doing a great work over there.
I live in US but am originally from Amritsar.
I am mother of a son who is autistic. I have thought so many times to render some kind of service to the kids of this disability.
Having raised him I am familiar with the methodologies that can help these kids to learn and more importantly to communicate. Since you are in sp. ed. field can you pl. tell me are there any kidsor adults with autism in Pingalwara?
My email add. is mandeepsingh202@gmail.com
i will appreciate your emailing me back.