Saturday, 20 September 2008

Settled and Loving it

I can actually type that I LOVE IT HERE! Yes it’s been difficult and there have been times when you think your time is up or you’re the wrong person for this! Oh yeah, nearly forget to mention I burnt my leg so been in bed for another week, had a huge blister on my thigh and before the skin underneath could heal a little cute 3 year old (not at the time mind you) hugged my leg and burst it, the pain was excruciating and it was like vibration through every cell of my body! You wouldn’t even inflict such pain on an enemy… but that said there was additional time to spend with the kids and put things in place. Me and Kamal (the other girl from the UK) have both been working on structures to be put in place once we’re gone, I have to admit she is amazing in creativity she cooks, sews and so active!

I feel a lot more settled and mobile, getting to places is still crazy but you can only laugh with how people are in a rush like their lives depend on it! It really tests your skills in patience, with that said I’m getting to know the surroundings, people and Amritsar itself. I’ve also had meetings with different people about the sensory room and art work in the children’s ward, so hopefully when I am back from Hazur Sahib on the 30th we can get our teeth into the project. I met with a lovely aunty the principle of Spring Dale school and she is helping with contacts and work that is needed from the local area, one has to admit that being a different country without the economical and industrial knowledge stumbling blocks are near and frequent but then my reasoning is this is Gods work and he will provide both the resources and people in his time not mine.. So with that in mind, its Gods problem not mine… sometimes its great to surrender!

Parji also recommended an amazing book which i‘m currency reading The Power of NOW by Eckhart Tolle – it’s a brilliant read so far and I’m only on chapter 5, it talks about how the mind is bound by time and time being an obstacle getting closer to God and the Light, the energy is for NOW not the past or the future! I will be relating much of my experiences to this book putting the theory into practice can only lead to a more enriched spiritual journey.

There is a poster on my wall:


How true…


raju24 said...

Hellooooooo Sugar,

Ive read your blogs wow ur doing a fantastic job keep up the good work. Giving sewa selflessly is one of the greatest things a person can do, God willing you will get closer to achieving your goals and making even more of a difference in india.

I saw Tony on sunday and he told me how you were gettin on despite the heat.... good on you keep it up!

Ive started the shoeboxes and thought of you, when youd made a mountain of boxes to be given to the kids. Jusys going to get more people involved so theyll be more boxes this year.

Ive found that sometimes its the little moments which give you the divine inspiration and you feel closer to God.

take care & big hugs from raju x

Sumeet Singh said...


I was just reading the latest stuff, I'm quite proud of you! I'm sure its everything you ever wanted and more! :)

Rab Rakha

Manni Kaur Dulai said...

hey guys

havent been on for a while, its been amazingly busy and so much to say so taking a couple of days off to update whats been going on!!!

Raju nice to see u on here good luck with the boxes i loved them so much...

much love as always