Sunday, 14 September 2008

Innocence and Purity

Listening to the beautiful Kirtan (singing of devotional hymns) at Darbar Sahib on this Sunday morning, I notice a boy sitting around 10 feet away from me…

As I watch him questions arise in my mind

What was he looking at?
Who was he smiling at?
He was communicating, but with whom?

To others he stares into an empty space,
To others he’s an abnormal child a mental child

But those eyes were us something else, what was it?

What would I have given to be is eyes and mind, what a beautiful imprint he left in my heart, he left the spot after around 15 minutes but as I take in what I saw I cannot but help replay his actions in my minds eye.

Only if we had the answers,
Only if we knew,

Then we can feel and know what true innocence and purity is.


Parvati said...

Guru Fateh Manni!
How are you? I see that the weather is being kinder now!
You know, I think that people, especially children, who are mentally challenged have more of a direct line to communication with the divine. Perhaps their minds are not as filled with clutter as ours are? The photos of the young boy are beautiful. It is obvious that he is talking with someone out there!
Please, if you like, email me about the sensory room. I am planning our yard sale to benefit Pingalwara in November here in Oklahoma, and I know that the proceeds can be sent to a trust in the United States, but I am wondering can the funds be earmarked for something such as the sensory room? If you find out anything, please tell me!
Love and hugs to you and the kids,

Manni Kaur Dulai said...

hey lovely

AGREED... they are pure innocence and purity as previously mentioned.

Wow... i love god.. i was thinking we need a ball pool and how can i arrange it!!! wow.. u send this message.

i will be in touch via mail and let you have the link of what we are looking for.

Much love

Mandeep said...

I would also like to help in this matter pl. send me the link also.I am a mom of a child who had some sensory issues when he was young. So I know little bit of what you are talking about.
Also i would love to help the women for her kids' education. Pl. let me know how can I do so.
Your posting of Sept. 10.

Manni Kaur Dulai said...

Hi there

My sincere apologies for not replying been so so busy!!!

Mandeep who would you like to help? Pushpa?

let me know... the sensory room is coming on well god willing will be completed in the next couple of weeks... we also need some bubble tubes which are trying to locate here in india.. but they have no such knowledge... i'm sure god will show us the way as always!!!

much love and light...

parvati emailing you right now.

Clairey Fairey said...

Dear Manni

Once again i'm humbled by what i read. It seems to me that you should be able to write a book. i hope that you receive the guidance to do that. God bless you Manni xxx

Manni Kaur Dulai said...

much love to all

Claire many thanks for your kind words as always!

Who knows where God wishes me to be and when...I guess thats what they mean by HIS WILL.

In Love and Light