Friday, 1 January 2010

New Year New Start

Couldn’t wait to see the back of 2009 what a heart wrenching year and only the forces above knew what I had to endure on this journey. To say there was nothing to write about would be totally dishonest but I had no zest to write about the things I didn’t love. I had many people asking why I stopped blogging … but no one could understand!

Well it’s a new year and new beginnings, it has already started with blessings, with the idea of having a new charity and going through the process of getting it registered. Dad always said if we were going to start something ever, it must have the word HOPE ingrained, in a place of darkness people should know there is hope when knocking on our door… so with HOPE and how we would like to serve COMPASSION is also connected, so HOPE AND COMPASSION is the charities name. We will provide education and provision for children with special educational need in developing countries and educate the parents and professionals.

My friend Amrit from G5 Dzine designed both our logo and website, I can’t thank him enough for all he did and that to as Sewa (selfless service), god bless him and his work in every way!

As I speak I’m ordering equipment for my sponsored trip that in itself is a story! In October my brother’s friend from Temp Labour did a charity event he wanted me to speak about our work and Pingalwara as they were raising funds. So, hesitantly I went as they had no one else to speak about the charity, I’d just come back from the Gurudwara! Once my 10minute speech was done I couldn’t get out of there fast enough…until I was stopped by a lady who wanted to get involved in the work we did.

To my surprise she turned out to be the owner of a company in the area of children with special needs and disabilities with her own personal story she felt compelled to be part of this SEWA. Progress Solutions then sponsored my trip for 3 months and donated £2000 for equipment to take with me. It was amazing to see God in play and to give me something to hold onto.

So everything began to move forwards, it’s crazy as the agencies who gave me no work a few months back I received 3 calls in the 1st week offering me work. I decided to work in a college which allowed me to pay for all my expenses before I left! Talk about MAGIC.

So with the trip I cant wait to see the kids... and the best part is they haven’t got a clue!

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