Wednesday, 20 January 2010

Count down is well on the way

Things have been so manic getting prepared for India, the kids haven’t got a clue – I was due to leave the 20th February and now desperately trying to get my seat earlier. We have been lucky enough for Shaadi videography and East West photography to have been commissioned to work with us. They will be in India early February to produce some footage for us to use throughout our media outlets.

That said my heart is so excited to meet the kids once again, it feels it’s been so so long!

It’s also been a rollercoaster ride already, I been so busy working at this college the kids are amazing, they may have a learning difficulty but so so talented and intelligent. It really is a shame that we underestimate the true potential that these kids have. Oh well, our loss I guess that we couldn’t see gifted when we had the chance!

Mum is coming too so that’ll be nice shes attending her sisters daughters wedding, lucky me, will have to hear it again:

“shes so much younger than you”
“you not getting married”
“why you still not married”

I’ll never know why we have to conform into the compartments society sets and if we fall out of those, we are doomed! DOOMED I AM. Its like no matter where I go its like… Hi how are you? You married? Guess I will never be able to fathom it out!

Preparations are well on the way and there is much to get done with charity, the team are amazing and we couldn’t have diverse range of skills coming to the table so it’s going to be a great learning curve for us all and a lot to learn on the way.

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