Sunday, 22 March 2009

Holi - Festival of Colours

It was my first ever Holi, the festival of colour. I was under the impression that the kids played with lots of colour every year this however wasn’t the case! They were given some colour and played within their individual hostels! Well that was about to change, we ordered bags of colour, water pistols, water balloons and not to forget the big tubs! It was crazy and so fun to be part of!

The best of it was the kids expressions, smiles, laughter – Is was beautiful and to top it all off it was so heart warming t o see the special needs kids playing with everyone else, this again for the 1st time coming together without hesitation! It feels so good to be part of breaking the divide between the kids from the hostel and my special needs. Its not at all their fault but their environment and the staff that are employed from outside Pingalwara, they need to be de-sensitised to the fact that our children with special needs too do what all the other children do, from playing with colour, to dancing, from singing to playing games.

I remember the time when Gopi from the special needs school was going to give Gagan a hug, Gagan moved so fast and her face pale, when asked why she reacted in such a manner her response: “I was scared?”

But scared of what? This is what results are achieved when children are not exposed and educated.

My reply : She's smiling and so are there is NOTHING AT ALL to be afraid of!

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